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Free Lessons developed by classroom teachers

Professor of Education, Dr. Susan Inman was taken by how Mac's Big Wish could help elementary students focus on the moral of the story and other important concepts of literacy. As a school improvement specialist at Bushnell University, she found that the expressive animals in Mac's Big Wish helped young students understand difficult concepts like optimism and offering help. As a coach of classroom teachers learning advanced techniques, she asked teachers to consider developing lessons based on Mac's Big Wish. Elementary teachers in Dr. Inman's classes developed the lessons linked below. These freely contributed lessons give all teachers -- and other adults in childrens' lives -- ideas and structure. Download the lessons free-of-charge. The PDFs, which are colorful and illustrated by Janis Lillian, will maintain original formatting for projection or printing. The RTFs are great for adapting lessons for your own classroom, by letting you make revisions on most word processors.

Click below to download a free lesson in Literacy or Social Emotional Learning. Janis Lillian colorfully illustrated the PDFs.  You can use a lesson as-is (PDF) or revise it to meet your needs (RTF).

Social Emotional Learning Lessons

The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons target competencies developed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning. The SEL lessons also address literacy standards. 
1st Grade

Literacy Lessons

The literacy lessons are aligned with the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts-Literacy. 

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